What NOT to Buy Mum this Mother’s Day

img3Fellas-before you hit the shops in search of the perfect Mother’s Day gift, consider our advice of things to leave off your list.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we know it can be tough to know what to buy Mum. She never seems to drop any hints! All she ever talks about is wanting time to herself, to read, or go for a walk. Mum, you can’t buy that at a Shopping Centre!

So you’re left to figure it out yourself! But what does Mum even like? All the mums on television seem to love chatting to their gal pals about the power of Napisan. (Or non-bloating yogurt, or children’s headache tablets, or Finish dishwashing tablets, or anything from the supermarket, really.)

But then, a shining beacon of hope appears in the way of a Bunnings ad: lattice fencing is just $10 a metre, perfect for Mum on Mother’s Day the lady in the ad proclaims. Eureka!

Unless with that lattice fencing you intend to construct a place in which you can live out your sentence of life in exile, the standard punishment for poor gift-buying, cross Bunnings and Coles off your list of gift shops.

Also cross off the following potential “gifts”:
1.Frumpy Dressing Gown/Snuggy/Anything made of Terry Toweling: it doesn’t matter if Mum’s dressing gown is threadbare. If you’re buying her something to wear, choose something that will make her feel fabulous, not something with a pocket in the front to stow the TV remote and a bag of potato chips.

2.Bread maker/Blender/Other Household Appliances: just steer clear of all household appliances, even the niche ones like bread makers. They sound like such a great idea—who doesn’t love homemade bread?—but after you buy all of your ingredients, endure the “too salty”, “not salty enough”, “too crunchy”, “not crunchy enough” batches and finally settle on the misshapen, slightly doughy loaf, it probably wound up costing you $20—what’s to love about that?

3.A Platter of KFC for Mother’s Day Lunch: because there is no Mother that longs to fill her insides with greasy chicken on Mother’s Day. Even if it is the Colonel’s Secret Recipe.