Warm Up With Colour: Turn Your Home Into A Winter Retreat

img2Gone are the days when there was only one colour to paint the modern home: white. Adding colour to your home not only gives it a modern look and feel, but it can also add warmth when you need it the most – during winter.

But if you’re hesitant about painting with seasonal colours, fear not; we’ve put together a range of colour schemes to suit any home, any personality, any season, and each one draws from the winter palette.

The Power of Neutral: Firstly, neutral does not mean white, nor does it mean only white. A warm grey (with red undertones) feature wall works well with accent furnishings, such as bold brass red for continuity.

Mellow Yellow: Golden tones deliver a subtle approach to the winter colour palette. A golden-yellow feature wall with apricot hues, teamed with timber floors and a pale grey lounge delivers wonderful light and the perception of warmth.

Bold and Daring: If you’re feeling radical, a dark chocolate feature wall with orange accent furnishings – like a lamp or cushions – creates a warm cosy feel that delivers an instant burst of energy and livens the space.

Smoke on the Water: A deep purple or red-violet feature wall creates a feminine and posh space when teamed with sterling silver accessories and a burst of white accent furnishings – a sofa or coffee table – that still invites you to snuggle up and get cosy during the colder months.

Don’t forget: a Q Paint colour consultant can help you select the right colours to suit your home and your family’s needs.

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