School's… back in: Getting your kids organised for the school year

article1If you’ve got littlies heading off to school for the first time, or older ones starting high school, now’s the time to get them organised for the year that lies ahead.

Aside from the obligatory items like, pens and pencils, school bags, textbooks, and the like, it’s also important to make sure the kids have an organised workspace for completing their homework, regardless of their age-in fact, the younger, the better! Good habits start early.

Creating the right workspace for your kids can be a difficult undertaking: too fun and they’ll never get their work done; too boring and they’ll never get their work done! So we went on a quest to find that middle ground, which is neither too fun, nor too boring.

Here are our tips for creating the right workspace for your kids:

  1. Shelving, shelving, shelving, and more shelving: Never hear “I couldn’t find my textbook” again by keeping your kids organised with plenty of shelving. A combination desk-and-shelving unit is a great way to keep your kids’ study area organised, and in one place.
  2. Whiteboards are the new blackboards: Whiteboards are great for helping the kids to stay organised by jotting down assignment dates, and even track their performance on tests and exams. Or, ditch the board, and ask the Q Paint team about some whiteboard paint, instead!
  3. Those who study together: The littlies generally need more help from mum and dad, and it’s usually easier to balance getting dinner ready and math quizzes if you’re both in the one place, so consider setting aside another study space in or adjacent to the kitchen. This way you get dinner done, and your little one gets their homework done, too.
  4. Ring the alarm: Be sure to invest in a couple of alarm clocks; one for your kid’s bedside table, and another placed somewhere else where they’ll have to physically get up out of bed to hit the snooze button. This will save you from doing the rounds each morning to make sure they get up!

And, if you don’t leave it too late, you might even be able to catch some of the post-Christmas sales, so your credit cards don’t have to cop too much of a workout so soon after Christmas.