Ch-ch-ch-changes: Why a Change of Paint is as Good as a Holiday

img1If you’re daydreaming about the latest home renovation in your neighbourhood, or salivating over the real estate ads in your local paper, then stop; we’ve put together some tips that’ll spruce up your home with just a lick of paint.

You don’t need to demolish your house or up stumps just because you’ve grown tired of your current digs; try a lick of paint, instead.

A cliché it might be, but it’s true: a change is as good as a holiday. Try these tips for ch-ch-ch-changing it up with a coat of paint.

Be a rule breaker:

Go into any new home today and it’s beige; beige walls, beige ceilings, beige cupboards, beige tiles, beige sofas, and then, red. A red feature wall with—can you guess?—beige ceilings.

There is, of course, a reason for all the beige: it’s goes well with all furniture, doesn’t date, and gives the illusion of space. Thus, the general rule-of-thumb these days: beige.

But it’s also pretty, well, beige. Banal. Why not show off your personality instead by breaking the rules, splashing some colour throughout your home.

You could even embrace your inner rebel and reverse wall paint with ceiling paint: make your feature wall your feature ceiling, instead. Paint your ceiling a standout colour, and leave the demure colours for the walls. (This is great for apartment dwellers not wanting to hem themselves in.)

Give cabinets a kick:
Conservative as it may be, there is something to be said for white kitchens and bathrooms: they’re easy to keep clean, and over time, remain dingy-proof.

That being said, it doesn’t mean everything has to be white (or beige).

Give cabinets a kick by painting the doors a bold colour (preferably one in keeping with the décor in the rest of your house).

Once you’re done, remember to add a coat or two of clear acrylic to seal in the colour and protect against scratches.

To the floor:
Now that you’ve given the rest of your home a bit of attitude, you’re probably wondering what to do about your polished floors.

Why, paint them too! Give your home a beachy, South Hampton feel by painting your floors a white wooden plank colour; they’re charming and best of all, easy to maintain as any scuff or stracthes just add to the charm!

Or, if you feel like a more 1960s retro feel, try dark wooden floors, which really complement black and white-tiled kitchens and bathrooms and immediately take you back in time.