Ain’t It Fun: Keeping the Kids Amused these School Holidays

img3Think about what your school holidays were like as a kid, what did they look like? Did they involve long days spent with the many kids in your neighbourhood doing, well, not a lot, really-kid stuff?

Mine too. And though times may have changed, the things kids like to do hasn’t changed all that much from when you or I were kids (I was born in the 80s).

I could write you a long list of craft ideas to keep the kids occupied or (expensive) places to take the kids these school holidays, but really all kids want to do is play with their mates.

When school holidays came around in our house my parents, along with their friends who also brought their kids, took us away on a camping holiday-only in cabins, some Sydneysiders aren’t too fond of tents!

Sure, we took our Super Nintendos, Gameboys and videos, but we infrequently used them. Rather we spent our days swimming, riding our bikes, playing at the beach and once, listening to a Peter Andre song on constant repeat-much to the chagrin of our parents!

Even when it did rain we still went to the beach and once when the rain was particularly torrential, we body-boarded down a mud hill.

I do recall one occasion when we did watch a video: The Blair Witch Project. About ten-or-more of us crowded into a small cabin, each angling for a better view of the 34cm TV while some of the older boys skulked about in the dark with torches to scare us (successfully, I might add).

For my parents, the best part of these holidays was that they got a holiday, too. They didn’t have to run themselves ragged trying to find places to take us and aside from the cost of the accommodation and groceries (we lived off anything that could be barbecued), it was relatively inexpensive.

Of course, my parents both worked, which meant sometimes it wasn’t feasible to take us away for holidays. On those occasions, my brother and I stayed with my grandma or my mum would meet up with friends for a picnic in the park near where we lived, so us kids would swim, play and have fun!

Often it’s not the most inventive or elaborate ideas that will keep the kids occupied, it’s the simplest. So forget putting on fancy-dress fashion shows or shelling out for the movies, instead cast your memory back to the things you did as a kid.

Top Five Holiday Activities:

1.If it’s possible to get the time off work, go on a camping holiday with your extended family and friends
2.See if Grandma and Grandpa can take the kids for a few days-grandparents usually relish having their grandchildren over, while the kids will love the change of scenery
3.Go for picnics with your friends and their kids-find a spot nearby where the children can play and make a day of it
4.Go fishing-find a place you’ve never been before, pack a lunch and make a day of it; even the girls will enjoy it! Or, if you have a boat, take the kids out for a day on the water.
5.Go bike riding/rollerblading/scootering

Don’t forget, the school holidays can be fun for the parents, as well! Get your adult friends and family to join in and entertaining the kids will feel less of a chore and more of a day out for you, too!