Beat the holiday bulge: post-Christmas detox tips

article2If you overindulged on the mince pies this festive season, then try our post-Christmas detox tips that’ll ease you back into good healthy eating habits for 2014.

Even if you didn’t plan on overindulging during the holiday break, we think there’s a pretty good chance you probably did. And why not! It’s Christmas, after all-a time to let loose and enjoy yourself!

The problem is not that you overindulged for a few weeks over the Christmas period, it’s that those bad food (and drink) choices can be hard to break and sometimes follow you well into the new year.

Weight gain is caused by gradual, sustained increases in your kilojoule intake. So we’ve put together a couple of suggestions for healthy eating to help you curb your holiday indulgences and avoid make those bad food choices, sustained ones.

  1. Eat plenty of protein: whether it’s grilled chicken breast or a nice steak, the protein in lean meat, poultry and seafood speeds up your metabolism and helps you feel full for longer.
  2. A grapefruit a day: the acidity in grapefruits helps slow digestion, making you feel full for longer. Eating one grapefruit each day in addition to your regular meals can help accelerate weight loss-during summer, they make a deliciously refreshing morning snack!
  3. Eat raw: cooking veggies depletes them of their nutrients. By eating your veggies raw, you’re getting all the precious toxin-fighting antioxidants you need to flush out all the booze you consumed over the holidays.
  4. Avoid salts: sodium binges can lead to water retention, which makes your stomach feel like a beach ball. Avoid inflation by skipping salty foods, like salted nuts and potato chips, and try and resist your cravings for Chinese or Mexican food-two of the saltiest foods.
  5. Morning H20: try and drink about a litre or two of water first thing in the morning-that’s before you’ve had your tea, coffee, juice or whatever. To completely flush all of the toxins from your body, aim for two litres of water. You’d be amazed how much weight we retain just in toxins and junk floating around our bodies.