2014 in breathtaking Technicolor: this year's colour trends

article4If your New Year’s Resolution was to give your home a makeover in 2014, incorporate these colours into your home’s decoration to ensure you’re on-trend in 2014

As we move forward and enter another new year, the colours inspiring 2014 are all about looking backwards. This year’s colour palette takes its inspiration from the designs of the Victorian period through to the burgeoning digital culture of the 1980s and 90s.

If a makeover is on the cards for your home this year, consider these colour trends for your home:

Sassy brassy: while metals have been popular in years past, this year it’s about one metal in particular: brass. Coupled with warm colours like deep oranges and browns, brass is this year’s statement colour. But don’t limit brass just to the kitchen or bathroom-add a touch of rustic brass to your lounge with a brass lamp or brass-framed mirror.

Bold and bright: the pastels and muted hues of 2013 are giving way to the bright, vibrant colours of 2014. This year is specifically influenced by the retro colours of the late 20th century-think the 80s and 90s. Where previous trends have focussed on one dominant colour, this year it’s about many colours, equally. Blues, yellows, oranges, reds and whites-they’re all in and all at once.

Romance at short notice: this year, incorporate some antiques of the Victorian period with the technology-dominated world of today to give your home a fast-paced, yet romantic feel. Combine the deep, earthy reds, pale pinks and greens of yesteryear, and offset them with the blacks and charcoal greys of today for a highly theatrical result.

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