Painting With Colorbond

qpaint colourbond queensland Made specifically for the Australian climate, Colorbond is one of the leaders in the home industry. For those looking to paint using Colorbond Colours, we’ve come up with the perfect guide for you to make picking the best colours for your home easier.

Look around you: Before you start painting, look around at your surroundings, you’ll be surprised at what colours might work well against your surroundings. From the beaches, to the countryside and the cityscape, take time to indulge in the colours around you as it could make picking the right Colorbond paints easier. You will also want to ensure the correct colour hue for your style of home. Heritage, modern, Californian bungalow and Queenslander are just a few of the architectural styles that require some thought into paint colours. When renovating or redecorating paint colour should be the first choice you make for the colour palate and all other choices will be based around this. It is worthwhile to spend some time putting in considered thought on the choice of paint colours.

Seek advice: From a professional, or look for ideas before you pick colours. Colour Consultants are a great way to help define what Colorbond colour you would like to pick before you get a painter or pick up the paintbrush yourself. They can come up with a range of colour schemes that will work with your wants so it becomes easier picking the right colours for your home. Remember you will want the choice to elevate your home’s appearance and work with your surroundings. It will pay off in the long run to research and take your time to make sure the paint colour choice is the best one. Once the paint goes on it will be an expensive exercise to change your mind. Seeking advice from the experts will help to guide your Colourbond paint choice and give you a selection of choices narrowed down from what can be a huge variety of choices. It will also help to seek advice on paints to offset each other and work well together. What will match on the gutters and windowsills etc with your choice of main exterior colour.

Consider the climate: Especially so in Australia’s extreme weather. Colorbond paints are made to protect homes against the suns harmful UV rays and might even save you a few dollars on your power bill by lowering your heating costs in Summer and Winter. Consider choosing paints that will be able to add value to your home by protecting and visually enhancing your property. For instance cooler paint colours will suit hotter environments such as Queensland. Blues, greens and light greys will work with the sunny days rather than against like warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges. Certain colours choices can attract heat or reduce heat and in turn affect your homes temperature. By considering your climate and choosing the right Colourbond paint colour you may make an impact on the heating and cooling costs to your home. When it comes to painting your home, Colorbond paints are more than effective at improving your homes appearance as they are the best quality.

Colourbond paints also add value by guarding your house against Brisbanes extreme climate.