What Is The Best Colour To Paint Your House?

best colour to paint houseWhen it comes to painting the exterior of your house, choosing colours can be one of the hardest and longest decisions to make. With the amount of colours and options available, it’s no wonder why people stop immediately before it even happens. It can be a costly exercise to fix any wrong choices once they have been painted. Time and thought needs to be out into the decision. Research should be done to make sure matching colour schemes are used to work together and not against each other.

Before you choose a paint, here are 3 tips on choosing the colour for your home:

Have a Colour Scheme in mind: If you’re already thinking colours, you’re halfway there. It’s easier to visualize what your house will look like with its new colour scheme if you already have an idea on what you would like. If not, there are plenty of colour schemes available for you to look at online or at your nearest paint supplier. If you are really having difficulty deciding on colour schemes – Colour Consults will be able to guide you through the colour picking process to come up with a scheme you’ll love. The Colour Consultants may suggest the following tip; choose a three paint colour scheme, light paint colour, dark paint colour and a bright paint colour matched from the colour paint wheel. This will help to design a palette that works together and colour combinations that will not clash but enhance.

Location, Location, Location: Take note of your surroundings when it comes to painting. Beaches, Suburban, Countryside or even your neighbourhood can provide endless inspiration when it comes to Colour Schemes. Here are a few suggestions based on location. Coastal – Teal, Aquamarine, Turquoise, White and Sandy colours make a wonderful choice for those blessed enough to live near a beach. Use these colours to your advantage and the results will be charming.

Suburban – Suburban offers an amazing range of colour ideas to pick from. Making the most of Steely Greys, to beiges and whites can complement any colour scheme that you decide to run with.

Countryside – Don’t be afraid to explore the rich and vibrant green, gold and reds when it comes to Countryside colour schemes. Opportunities are endless with Countryside themes so make the most of that fresh air and paint. Don’t become to overbearing with colours however; remember less is more.

Touch Up or Complete Transformation: Are you just touching up a part of your house, or are you doing a complete external painting? If you need a touch up, perhaps a recoat of the same or similar colours might be the way to go. If it’s a complete external paint job then the opportunity to select the colours of your choice is up to you. Consider how colours will compliment surrounding features of your home and take advantage of how a new colour scheme can affect your home. Cooler tones will work well in hot environments and warm colours suit colder climates. Not only will these exterior paint choices help to anchor your home in its surroundings they may lower the costs of your heating and cooling bills by reducing or enhancing the effect of the climate on your home. These are just some tips for picking colours, who knows, you might have a completely different method for choosing colours, but these are always great ways to start the colour picking journey. Have fun picking the right colour for your external painting. If you need a colour consultant then contact the experts at Qpaint.