Spring Cleaning? Tips to Get the Kids Involved

article2If you’re planning to get rid of the dust bunnies this spring, why not get the kids to help during the school holidays? See our hints for disguising a good old fashioned clean up as a fun holiday activity (sneaky, we know!).

If your place desperately needs a spring clean, get creative and use the school holidays as a way to get the kids to help (rather than hinder!), which also doubles as a school holiday activity-leaving you with one less day to keep them occupied!

Dust skating – Got floorboards? Then clear away the furniture (Granny’s ashes and the heirloom Ming vase), put a pair of old socks on the kids’ feet and go dust skating. The kids will have fun skating around in their socks, and you’ll have dust-free floors!

Flex your green finger – if you have teenage boys, get them to help in the garden by mowing the lawn or trimming the edges. If Dad also throws in some tips on basic engine maintenance, Jnr will get a kick out of learning a little about fixing up that future car of his.

Take a trip down memory lane – if you’ve been hoarding things in your garage since 1982, it’s time to ditch them! By getting the kids to help out, you can also use the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and give the kids a little back-story behind that bizarre little gadget called a pager, and how it was kind of like texting!

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – make sure you do as Mary Poppins did and get everyone in the mood to help out with a little music. Allow the kids to make their music requests and set them challenges for each song, too-match up the odd songs before a song ends, etc.

Most kids are happy to help out, just as long as it seems fun. So get creative and find ways to disguise boring chores as fun activities. And if need be: we also highly endorse bribery!!