Let’s Get Physical: Winter Workout Tips

img3Since Tas started training for the Brissie to the Bay bike ride, we’ve also been on a fitness binge, too. So we thought we’d share Tas’ tips for exercising in winter with you.

Struggling to get out of bed these cold, gloomy winter mornings? We know the feeling! That’s why we decided to share some of the winter workout tips Tas picked up while he was training for the Brissie to the Bay bike ride.

Set a Goal: Tas’ goal was to finish the 100km Brissie to the Bay and back course, and if that wasn’t motivation enough, he also wanted to raise as much money for MS as he could.

Tas says a great way to keep motivated throughout winter, is to train for an event-you’ll not only keep your fitness level up while everyone else is slacking off, but you’ll also raise money for charity, too. Win-win!

Get a Partner: It’s much easier to drag yourself out of bed in the morning when you know there’s someone else doing the same-and counting on you to turn up!

Tas says exercising at 6am basically becomes more like a responsibility-like getting up to go to work. It’s hard, but you know you have to do it; you can’t let you partner down.

Exercise in the Afternoon: If you can’t wrangle someone into joining you on your winter workout regime, and you don’t you don’t have the stamina for early-morning workouts, exercise in the afternoon.

Exercising after work is hard-you’ve had a long day and it’s getting dark. But the key to ensuring you go to the gym after work is to arrive at work a little earlier that usual-say 30 minutes or so-and then leave work earlier than usual, Tas says.

Remember the Benefits: Each time you feel yourself wanting to get an extra sleep-in or skipping the gym in the evening to sit on the couch and watch The Real Housewives of Somewhere, remind yourself of the benefits of exercising in the colder months.

If you’re training for a charity event with a team or a partner, aside from not letting all those guys down-your charity, sponsors and teammates, etc-there are also many health benefits, too.

  • Use more energy: you burn more kilojoules exercising in winter-and lose more weight-at the same exercise intensity as in summer
  • Get a better night’s sleep: because you’re burning more energy, you’ll sleep better at night
  • Boost your immune system: exercising is the best way to give your immune system a boost, particularly during season the dreaded lurgy
  • Protect your ticker: the colder temperature during winter can cause your blood vessels to constrict, thickening the blood and puts you at risk of a heart attack. Exercising gets keeps your blood regular and protects your ticker, too.

Now get moving everybody!