Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride: Tas’ Results

img4We thought we would give you an update on how Tas fared during the Brissie to the Bay bike ride that took place on 23rd June, as well as how much money he raised for a very important cause: MS.

On Sunday 23rd June it was the Brissie to the Bay bike ride, and for Tas, who had ambitiously pledged to ride the grueling 100km Brissie to the Bay and back riding course, it was a moment of truth-or at least a few hours of truth.

Before Brissie to the Bay, Tas hadn’t been bike riding in over twenty years-in fact, he hadn’t even been in the same room as a bike in over twenty years-so making the whole nine yards (or 109, 361 yards!) was definitely going to be a challenge.

A challenge he readily accepted knowing it was for such a good cause: to raise money on behalf of MSA-the peak national body that represents Australians suffering from multiple sclerosis. MS affects around 23,000 Australians and to-date there is still no known cure.

MS was first diagnosed in 1868 by French neurologist, Charcot. Since then, the disease has proved to be a medical science mystery and despite intense, worldwide research, its cause and cure remain elusive.

MS affects the central nervous system and can be easily explained through translation of the name “multiple sclerosis”, itself. Sclerosis is a Greek word meaning “hardened tissue or scars” and multiple means “many”. That’s what MS is: many scars on the central nervous system.

But because it’s still not known how MS is caused, it means anyone can be susceptible to the disease. For Tas, who is in good health, riding to raise money for MS was a no brainer.

So on Sunday 23rd June, Tas and the rest of Team Neo Pizza suited up for their 100km Brissie to the Bay and back bike ride for MS.

On that Sunday morning, as Tas debuted his head-to-toe lycra his kids were a mixed bag of emotions: both proud of their dad, but also concerned to be seeing quite so much of him!

The day proved to be a huge success. Tas made the whole 100km coure and also managed to raise $9,060 for MS, which put him in second place out of the 70 Neo Pizza team members, who collectively raised a whopping $112, 434 for MS!

Tas thanks all of those generous people who supported him and donated money for such an important cause. Now he’s got a taste for lycra and putting pedal to the metal for a good cause, Tas might just make Brissie to the Bay a regular challenge-that leaves him with 52 weeks to train for next year’s event!

If you didn’t get to make a donation before 23rd June, don’t worry-donations will continue to be collected until 23rd July.

If you can, please help Tas, the Neo Pizza team and Multiple Sclerosis Australia find a cure for MS. It doesn’t matter how great or small your donation is, every little bit counts.