Books From Boxes

img6If you’ve always dreamed of having your own library, then it’s time to start scoping your joint for suitable reading spots. Is your sunroom more of a study-cum-dumping-ground for old furniture? Or do you have a spare bedroom that resembles Norman Bates’ attic more than it does a cozy guestroom? This could be the perfect spot to create your reading nook.

Your reading nook can be as simple livening up an unused window seat with some cozy pillows, a small side-table and some shelves to store your books—of course!—or you could try something a little more ambitious.

If you’re handy with a few tools, you can transform the closet in your spare room into a cozy reading nook—be it a walk-in or a closet—and all in a weekend’s work!

When the time comes to decorating, it’s first important to consider what purpose your nook will serve—a personal space to get lost in a good book or study area—before you commit to colours.

Rich colours, such as deep reds, burgandies and purples give a sense of romance and drama, while red is also said to improve concentration—a perfect colour for absorbing information from a study session.

When converting small areas, like closet, space under the staircase or the landing, use neutral colours that will promote space, like beige, white or grey, and pair with soft furnishings.

Other decorating tips for reading rooms:

•Elements from nature have a calming and relaxing effect and help transport us to another world.
•Choose a spot with natural light—near a window—it’s great for your eyes to read by.
•Add shelving to keep books organised and safe.
•A comfortable chair is essential and its style can set the tone of the space.
•Add cushions, throws, rugs, and decadent window coverings to create a feeling of coziness.

Transforming a room or empty corner of the home into a private retreat to enjoy one of life’s greatest past-times is a project that will be enjoyed long after it’s completed. And you’ll also be the envy of all the bookworms!