Beat the back-to-school blues: tips for transitioning your kids back to school

article1Getting the kids interested in school are the summer holidays is never easy, so we’ve put together some tips for helping them transition back into the school routine.

You know that despondent feeling you have now that your summer holiday is over and you’re back at work? Well, the kids are feeling it too, but unlike adults who have the need for money as a good motivator to get back into the swing of things, the kids don’t.

This can make it particularly difficult to transition the kids back into the routine of school each day, so we’ve put our thinking caps on and put together some tips you can try with the kids.

Discuss expectations: now that the kids have been back at school for a week-or-so, it’s a good time to discuss what will be expected of them during the school year. The more prepared they are for the year ahead, the less likely they are to feel overwhelmed when the reality of school work and assignments sets in.

Arrange afterschool activities: ease the kids into the first few weeks of school by arranging some afterschool activities with their mates. While the weather is nice, this could include going to the beach or going for a picnic. It’s also a great way to ease yourself back into the routine of work and school, too!

Workout a schedule: once the kids start receiving their homework and assignments, it’s a good idea to workout a schedule for completing them. By breaking up larger assignments into manageable blocks, you’ll avoid any last minute panic when due dates roll around. It’ll also give you a chance to see how the kids are managing their workloads.

Set up a homework area: try and keep it away from the TV and other distractions, but still in a place where you can help them out when they need it. We set up a “learning nook” in our kitchen so the kids can do their homework while I get a start on dinner. This way we’re all in one place-and we’re all working, so no feels like they’re missing out on any fun.