A Spring Sensibility: Decorating With All The Colours of Springtime

article4There’s no denying spring’s effect—as soon as the drab greys of winter are over, the brightness of spring always has us hungry to spruce up our home ready for the silly summer season. We’ve put together some spring decorating must-haves.

Decorating with the colours of spring is a great way to brighten up your home after winter. Try our tips for decorating with all the colours of spring without breaking the bank.

Flowers: Using fresh flowers like daffodils and Gerberas as a centrepiece in you living room, immediately brightens the home, filling it with the fresh scent of spring.

Make Something Old, New: You don’t need to splash out on new furniture to give your home a spring feel. Instead, swap the brown and chocolate coloured throws and pillows we tend to gravitate towards during winter for yellows and pale greens. If you’re feeling creative, you could even reinvigorate an old flowerpot with a bright coat of paint and use it as a floor-vase for those fresh-cut flowers.

Decorate with Wallpaper: Wallpaper got itself a bit of a bad rep after decorators in the 60s and 70s wallpapered every room in the house with prints and patterns that made it feel like you were on an acid trip. But if you select patterns that aren’t too busy, and use it sparingly—ideally as an accent or trim in one room of the house, rather than every room—wallpaper can bring a much-needed boost of colour and energy.

Spring To the Table: You have Christmas-themed placemats and centrepieces on the table at Christmas, so why not have spring-themed placemats and centrepieces on the table during spring? Fresh flowers, cherry-blossom-printed dinnerware and placemats are great ways to bring spring to your table, without spending a small fortune.