A change of paint is as good as a holiday: repainting your home for the new year

article2This year, a change of paint could be as good as a holiday. We help you select the right colour for your home with these tips for choosing paint colour.

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and we think that repainting your home is as good as moving house-without the removalists breaking your favourite vase, or the removalists in general.

But, oftentimes the hardest part about repainting your home is choosing a colour that suits your home and furnishings, as well as your personality. So we thought we’d help out, with a couple of tips for choosing paint colour.

Location, location: people often spend a lot of time thinking about the mood they want a particular room to give off, but we think it’s also wise to consider the location of your home. For instance, a home in a buzzing city centre would have a very different feel compared to a home set on amongst nature on a river or lake.

Furniture and furnishings: this is where most people go wrong: they select their furniture and furnishings after they’ve repainted their home, but you should actually do this first. It’s so much easier to match paint colour to your couch or dining table than it is to trawl the shops searching for a couch to match the colour of your walls-trust us! Just be sure to bring a swatch when you go to select your paint.

Paint, cubed: select three different paint colours-no more, no less. Just three. Even if you think you’ll really love the chili mango colour you picked out-pick another two, just in case you wonder what the hell you were thinking!

Try it on: the point of sample paint is that you actually paint your walls with it to se what it looks like before you rip off the band aid, so to speak. Paint a portion of your walls with the sample paint-and make sure you paint different areas that capture different kinds of light. Once it’s dry, you can then decide which one you like better. Just make certain your examine it during the day and night, with and without the lights and lamps on.

Voila! You’re done!